Let us simplify your Cloud Journey by eliminating clutter to realize the untapped Cloud-Native Potential of your applications!

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What We Do

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KansoCloud is a cloud technology services consulting firm, focused on accelerating the “Cloud-Native Transformation Journey” of businesses.

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Our leadership team has a combined experience of 15+ years developing and supporting cloud infrastructure and automation, especially Container based workloads.

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Our primary goal is to simplify our customers’ cloud journey by eliminating clutter while untapping the "Cloud-Native Potential" of their applications.

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We Specialize in accelerated delivery of DevSecOps automation using "No-Code / Low-Code" platforms.


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DevSecOps Migration / Optimization of Container Implementations

  • Secure migration to Container environments
  • End-to-End automation supporting Application Development Lifecycle
  • Support for Security & Compliance controls (ex. NIST, PCI etc.) and CSP Best practices
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) auto-generated as outcome
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SRE-Based Autonomous Managed Operations

  • 24X7 SRE-based Managed Operations for Cloud and Container environments
  • Autonomous monitoring for known issues with remediation recommendations in advance
  • Support for Security & Compliance controls (ex. NIST, PCI etc.) and CSP Best practices
  • Machine Learning techniques that can analyze application behavior and constantly evaluate remediation efficacy to improve operations
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Automation of Infrastructure, Application Delivery & Testing

  • Establish an end-to-end automated CD Pipeline with any necessary manual approval gates
  • Implement a continuous testing paradigm to expedite the overall software delivery process
  • Establish an automated testing infrastructure to cover source code analysis, functional, performance and security testing
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Application Transformation & Data Science Engineering

  • Re-Architect & Modernize monolithic and custom applications to use Cloud Native services
  • Analyze and prepare raw data and associated data infrastructure for analysis
  • Develop, train, validate and promote Data Models used by core applications Data Science Engineering Services Design & develop data pipelines and data queries in support of application development


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Let our experts help you with accelerating your Digital Transformation journey using Container and Automation technologies.